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Photographer - Latrobe Valley & Surrounding Locations

Looking for a Photographer in the Latrobe Valley and surrounding areas?  Shutter Release Photography is a business specialising in Family Portraits and personalised photographic products and/or gifts.

Photography is such a powerful force in all our lives, as is our desire as humans to record our most precious memories in images.  We preserve the important people and events in our lives through Photography.  Ceremonies of birth and birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and marriages are all photographed, due to their importance to us.  

Photography Moves Us

Photographs tell our personal story and are a timeline of our lives, filled with faces and places that we love and cherish.  Through Photography, we are able to share what we find beautiful and interesting with others.  Photography has the power to move us, through speaking directly to our emotions.

Capturing Memorable Moments Through Family Portraits

Life is a series of moments, passing us by so quickly.  Memories are made and quickly forgotten. Shutter Release Photography recognise the importance of capturing these moments, frozen in time, to be forever cherished. Whether it be a framed piece of art hanging on the wall, a framed picture sitting on the coffee table or dresser or a favourite image in the form of a personalised item, photographs act as a constant reminder and keepsake.

Shutter Release Photography

Shutter Release Photography specialises in Family Portrait Photography, within the Gippsland/Traralgon Region.  Every human emotion can find a place in photography.  Having received professional training on how to provoke a desired emotion at a specific time, I pride myself in capturing the very essence of my clients.  This includes those quirky habits and unique qualities that make us who we are!  I adopt a friendly, fresh and candid approach to my photography.  I do not believe in rigidly posing my subjects.  The Photographic Sessions take place outdoors, either at a location chosen by the client or photographer, determined prior to the Session.  As a Photographer located in Gippsland/Traralgon, there are many beautiful places to photograph families.  All locations greater than a 50km radius from Traralgon will incur additional costs.