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Passionate About Photography!

Hi and welcome to Shutter Release Photography.  My name is Alison Barrett.  I am the Photographer and Director of this enterprise.  I reside in Traralgon, Gippsland, two hours south of Melbourne.  Photography has been a passion of mine for many years and one that I am constantly being drawn to.  I studied Media Arts at Rusden University, Clayton, of which Photography was a major study.  I was later employed as a Family Portrait Photographer for Olan Mills Studio.  This involved me travelling and photographing families within various organisations throughout Victoria.

Life Is Made Up Of...

Life is made up of millions of tiny moments, constantly fluid and ever changing.  This is evident within children, who transform and change so quickly, right before our eyes.  Time is precious and it is difficult to stop, pause and capture it.  I enjoy photographing children, our little explorers of life, who are constantly eager to learn new things and undergo new challenges.  I believe children are best captured whilst at play, within a natural environment.  This helps to define their individual personalities in a candid, relaxed and often playful manner.  

My Style Of Photography

I adopt a friendly approach whilst photographing people, and can put them at ease within a short period of time.  My style of photography is candid and natural.  I believe there are too many restrictions placed on photographing people within a Studio environment.  This led me to photographing people outdoors in beautiful, natural light.  Whether it is a garden, park, lake or beach, the options are endless.  I have developed the skill of reading a scene and assessing the potential of any given situation quickly and effortlessly which helps to create my style.  Time is precious.  Photography provides us with a chance to relive a moment.  It is my promise to you to capture your true essence and personality whilst creating high quality images to be cherished forever.

Contact Me

Please review my website:  All enquiries can be made by phoning me on: 0428 442951 or emailing me at: [email protected]

A Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to visit Shutter Release Photography.  And remember that each moment is precious!

Alison Barrett

Family Portrait Photographer

Shutter Release Photography