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Taking Great Family Portraits

Posted on 28 July, 2017 at 22:05
Hi everybody! As a Family Portrait Photographer, I'm often asked 'how to take a great family portrait'. Try these tips to help improve your Portraits. 1) What is the best time of day to take pictures? The best time to take outdoor pictures is either early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is quite low and soft. Midday light is too harsh and can result with many harsh shadows. The warm light, either early morning or late afternoon, is ideal for achieving optimum skin tones. 2) Gaining Peoples' Attention at the Right Moment Interacting with people always results in the best expressions in photography. It is important to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable and to bring a sense of fun to the sessions. Encourage children to play with and/or interact with each other and their parents. Photographing people in a natural environment, such as a park/beach/garden helps create more natural, candid photographs. 3) Indoor or Outdoor Photos? I prefer photographing people outdoors. The environment is natural and you are able to make the most of beautiful, outdoor light. 4) Photographing Children and/or Pets Photographing young children and/or pets can be quite challenging, as you need to work quickly, to keep their attention. I prefer to photograph babies/pets whilst they are playing and interacting with each other, as it provides for more natural results. If I do wish to have them looking at the camera, I will make different noises to capture their attention, such as that of a dog barking! Patience is key when photographing children and/or animals! 5) Black and White or Colour? I prefer to alter pictures with a 'moody' feel to black and white to enhance the overall feel of the image. When I am dealing with natural, neutral tones, colour works best. 6) Will my photograph look good enlarged? Before getting your photograph printed, check the resolution. You can ask the lab to display your picture in the size you are wanting it to be printed and to zoom in 100% to determine whether or not there is any pixilation issues. In order to enlarge prints to a reasonable size you will be required to have a relatively decent camera. You may take a great photo with your phone camera, only to realise later that it is blurry when enlarged. 7) What to wear when being photographed? The main thing to remember when choosing what to wear for a photograph is to avoid any large/distracting patterns or logos. Primary colours, complimented with beige, white and neutral tones work great together. Make sure that when you are all standing next to each other, none of you 'clash.' Thanks for reading.....until next time Alison

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