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Baby Photographer

Are you looking for a Baby Photographer in the Gippsland/Traralgon Region?  Then Shutter Release Photography is for you!  There is nothing quite like photographing babies; the joy of capturing that priceless expression you have coaxed them into is priceless!  Babies are unpredictable; tantrums and crying is all to be expected!  Shutter Release Photography take pride in being patient and flexible when photographing the little ones and achieve high quality results as a reward.

It's All In The Smile (or not!)

As a Baby Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon there is nothing quite so adorable as capturing the smile of a bub!  This may often required 'hamming it up' a little to provoke the desired reaction.  It may include making funny faces and noises or playing peek-a-boo.  Shutter Release Photography recognise the importance of capturing that special shot of smiling bubs which often involves working at a quicker pace.

Keep It Simple

As a Baby Photographer, in Gippsland/Traralgon for Shutter Release Photography I believe in keeping things simple.  This keeps the focus on the main subject, and avoids any distracting elements being photographed.  Backgrounds are kept plain with bubs filling almost the entire frame.  The focus for the photograph is on the eyes which helps to draw you into the image.

Memories Are Made Of These

As a Baby Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon one of my main aims is to create a 'memorable' photograph.  I find that the best results often come from the little one engaging in his/her normal playtime activities, often with family and friends.  At Shutter Release Photography the images are never 'forced' as I adopt a relaxed and candid approach, whilst letting bubs play, with myself often in 'the background' to avoid any disruptions. 

A Final Note

As a Baby Photographer in the Gippsland/Traralgon Region I have found there are many gorgeous outdoor locations to photograph families.  Whether it be a lake, park, beach or rose garden, the options are endless.  Babies are a great opportunity for capturing beautiful and treasured photographs to last through generations.  Although, they are no easy task when it comes to photography!  Shutter Release Photography recognise the importance of quick thinking and remaining on your feet, as well as taking more photographs than usual.  It is often the task for the mother/father to remain on hand, and help with the little ones.  This lets me focus on capturing the best memories possible!