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Child Photographer - Traralgon - Gippsland

As a Child Photographer within the Traralgon/Gippsland Region, photographing children is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.  Shutter Release Photography recognise that this can be a somewhat challenging task, as children typically do not have a great attention span and posing for photographs is not considered a 'fun thing' to do.  They are too busy exploring the world around them and partaking in more enjoyable tasks at hand.  When photographing children everything happens at such a fast pace, making it more difficult for the photographer to capture that special moment.  Shutter Release Photography pride themselves on taking high quality child portraits which truly capture the essence of the child, their uniqueness and energy being evident in each image.

Connecting With The Child

Child Photography is as much about forming a connection with the child as it is taking their photograph.  It is paramount that you develop a trust with the child and make them feel at ease with you.  At Shutter Release Photography I like to get to know my subjects prior to taking their photographs.  This helps make them feel a little less nervous at the Session itself.   As a Child Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon I find it imperative to stick to their level of playfulness and innocence as opposed to dictating to them in an adult manner.  I adopt their abundant energy and coax them into smiling and laughing by being a 'big child' myself!  I will do whatever it takes to obtain the best possible results.  Most importantly, I like to make sure the experience is fun and enjoyable for the child.


As a Child Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon I find a great way to really capture the child's personality, is to photograph them whilst they are in motion.  This creates a sequence of images which act as a great series, telling a bigger story than a single image would have.  It also adds variety to the final images taken and I find that parents love these playful shots.  Shutter Release Photography pride themselves in the connections made with the subjects, especially children!  Their spontaneity, innocence and playfulness is just so endearing!


As a Child Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon it is so important to have the child feel at ease with you.  I will often have mum and dad pack some of their favourite toys for the Photographic Session.  This helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable as well as acts as a distraction and diminish any fears or nervousness they may have.  At Shutter Release Photography, I tend to keep props to a minimum, so as to focus on the main subject with few distracting elements in the photo.


When photographing children, I usually choose an outdoor location.  This is because children are most comfortable playing in space and outdoors and provides for more pleasing images.  The location is chosen prior to the Session by the photographer and/or parents of the child.  There are many great outdoor locations within the Gippsland/Traralgon Region, such as parks, lakes, and beaches.

A Final Note For The Parents

As a Child Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon, it is important to ensure that the parents of the child are on the same page! I ensure to explain to them the tactics I wish to employ when photographing their child and make sure that they are comfortable with my plans.  Parents are a great help when photographing their child, and can assist in interacting with the child, enabling me to capture that special moment!