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Family Photographer - Gippsland - Traralgon

Family Photos

As a Family Photographer in the Gippsland/Traralgon Region I ensure to 'keep it real' when photographing families.  This is important in capturing the true essence of each individual, with small reminders of daily life being more precious than 'posed' images.  Shutter Release Photography adopt a fun and relaxed approach towards their photography which provides for more candid results.  I aim to capture family members interacting with each other and keep from directing and/or posing people as I find that this results with less pleasing images.

Interaction And Emotions

When photographing families I look for a wide range of emotions from my subjects.  Every emotion is worth capturing within a family and helps to tell the full story!  Interaction between family members helps to convey these emotions.  As a Family Portrait Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon it is important to adopt unscripted behaviour and provide vague suggestions as opposed to direct posing.  I will prompt the family into providing me with the resulting emotion I'm looking for and usually my requests are interpreted which results with natural images.

Patience Is Key

When photographing families, patience is key!  It is often deep into the Session when the 'best' results are produced.  This is when subjects are tiring and lacking the energy for artificially styled poses.  I often leave my subjects alone for a little while in order to let the scene settle.  It is important to be able to work quickly when photographing families and to flow from moment to moment.  Shutter Release Photography adopt a relaxed and fun approach towards their photography as opposed to dictating and rigidly posing their subjects.

Soft Lighting

As a Family Portrait Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon I like to keep the lighting soft.  This enhances a sense of warmth and intimacy, and naturalness which characterise the best Family Portraits.  Direct, flash lighting is avoided at all times as it flattens and drains the image of all spontaneity.  I also aim to avoid direct sunlight which results in harsh shadows.  I enjoy working in shade/cloudy conditions as it provides for a more natural, even light.  It also helps lighten the shadows of wrinkles, which appeals to elderly family members.

A Rewarding Experience

Family Portrait Photography is rewarding, providing me with the chance to celebrate something that is life affirming and positive.  It also provides a sense of history, as you are often dealing with several generations.  When handing a family their portrait, I am giving them something to celebrate, bond and rally around, for generations to follow.