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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Shutter Release Photography so different?

At Shutter Release Photography, you and your family will be made to feel comfortable and at ease.  I adopt a friendly and relaxed yet professional approach towards my clients.  I am interested in getting to know my clients and what it is that defines their unique personalities.  A pre-consultation meeting between myself and the client is scheduled whereby a Client Information Package is presented to the client.  A questionnaire is completed by the client to help determine their unique qualities and likes and dislikes, prior to the Photographic Session.  The Photographic Session takes place outdoors, with the location being determined by the client and photographer during the pre-consultation stage, prior to the Photographic Session.

What are the steps involved in being photographed?

The first step is letting me know about you and/or your family.  A questionnaire is completed by the client during the pre-consultation stage.  This helps me identify important aspects of you and/or your family prior to the Photographic Session.  I’m interested in knowing what it is that makes you and/or your family unique.  I will then endeavour to capture these qualities in a series of beautiful images, styled in a fun and natural environment. 

Is there a Session and/or Editing Fee?

Yes.  A $100 Session Fee is payable by the client  to myself prior to the Photographic Session.  This fee includes: A professional pre-consultation meeting between the client and photographer to discuss photographic styles and/or personal client preferences, in  preparation for the Photographic Session.  The location is decided as well as any items of interest and/or props to be incorporated in the Photographic Session.  This is held at a location/s determined by the client and photographer during the pre-consultation stage.  The Session can last up to 2 hours dependent on the client’s needs.  A Design Consultation between the client and photographer at the Photographic Session.  This is scheduled two weeks following the Session. A presentation of images will be made available to the client to view, presented on a custom USB and viewed on computer.  The photographer can help the client with their order should they require.

An Editing Fee of $40 per hour is payable by the client to myself upon completion of the assignment.  Most Sessions involve 2-4 hours of editing time.

How long do the photographic sessions take?

Photographic Sessions take approximately 1-2 hrs dependant on the client’s needs.  I photograph my clients for as long as it takes to obtain the best possible results.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, I operate by appointment only.  This ensures a dedicated time for you and/or your family without feeling rushed.  After showing interest in having your portraits taken, during the pre-consultation stage, the client will receive a Client Information Package which will help them to anticipate what to expect when dealing with Shutter Release Photography!

How should I prepare for the photographic session?

If children are to be photographed, it is best to schedule an appointment around their best time of day, taking into consideration nap times and eating schedules.  It is also best not to bribe your children as this can shorten their attention span when being photographed.  It is important to help make the session fun and exciting for the children by reassuring them that they are going to a fun event.  This ensures I capture your child at his/her best!

What should I bring to the photographic session?

You are welcome to bring a few of your child’s favourite toys and/or props to the session.  You may also bring a change of outfit/s if you wish your child to be photographed in different clothes.  Otherwise, just you and/or your children is fine!

What should my family wear to the photographic session?

What you and/or your children wear will depend on your ages and your own personal style.  Generally, it is best that your family wears clothing that goes together but does not match!  A combination of medium toned neutrals tends to provide the best results.

Clothing should be well fitted.  Overly baggy clothing is not too flattering.  It is a good idea to wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in.  Children’s shoes, are often removed especially during warmer weather.

Newborn Sessions:

Newborns are usually photographed without clothes on.  Family heirlooms, special blanket/s or hand knitted hat/s are a good idea.  No additional outfits are required (unless you would like he/she in a specific outfit) as I like to photograph newborns all natural!


Feel free to bring a change of outfit or two although I love photographing babies in their diapers only!


It is best to avoid graphics or logos that will date your photos.  It may be a good idea to bring an iPad with your child/’s favourite music.  It’s important that all children are dressed to the same level of formality (for example it’s not a good idea for one child to be in formal dress whilst another is in a t-shirt!)


It is a great idea for your teenager/s to bring along props and/or sporting accessories to personalise the session. 


It is important that your family has a cohesive style without ‘matching’ exactly.  Light patterns are fine although logos and heavy patterns do not work well.  Tailored, flattering clothing works best and clothes that match your family’s colouring (e.g. pastels on pale skin can sometimes create a washed-out look).  Most importantly it is best that you’re comfortable!

When do I see the photos and how many should I expect to see?

Clients will schedule an appointment with the photographer at the Photographic Session, to view and/or order products.  This takes place within 2 weeks following the Photographic Session.  Here they will view approximately 20-50 professionally edited images on the photographer’s computer.

What do the images cost? Do you offer Package Deals?

Please refer to the Products and Services offered by Shutter Release Photography on the ‘Photographic Products' Page within the 'Services Menu Option' of the website (  This information is also included in the Client Information Package which all clients receive during the pre-consultation stage.  All orders are made by the client during the post-consultation stage, two weeks following the Photographic Session.

Do you travel to outdoor locations for the photographic session?

Yes, each session will include up to two outdoor locations, determined between the client and photographer during the pre-consultation stage.  Each location is within a 30km radius from Traralgon.  If clients wish to travel further, additional costs will apply. 

How do I pay for the photos?

An invoice will be generated by the photographer and given to the client at the completion of the photographic assignment.  Payments can be made by the direct to the photographer via transfer (bank details for photographer are located at bottom of invoice).  Cash / Credit Card are also accepted.

What happens after the photographic session?

Editing of final photographs from the Photographic Session is completed by the photographer within two weeks of the session date.  A viewing/ordering session is scheduled at the Photography Session where the images from the Photographic Session are presented to the client on the photographer’s computer.

There is an editing fee payable by the client to the photographer of $40 per hour.  (Editing can take anywhere between 2-5 hours, dependant on the nature of the Photography Session).

An invoice is generated for the client by the photographer upon completion.  This is included with the client's delivery of his/her product/s.

Does the client/s have access to the images taken at the session?

Clients who purchase any of the four package deals available through Shutter Release Photography (Re: Services Tab / Photography Package Deals) will have included a usb memory stick, with the allocated number of prints in chosen Package Deal.

A usb memory stick can be purchased separately, for $10 with prints an additional  $1 per image (up to 100 images per Photo Session).

How long does it take to receive my prints?

Once an order has been placed with the photographer clients are to allow up to two weeks to receive their products.  The photographer will schedule a delivery date with the client upon receipt of their products/order.