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Newborn Photographer - Gippsland - Traralgon

As a Newborn Photographer in Gippsland, Traralgon, I find that nothing is quite so precious as photographing something so fragile and small.  However, Newborn Photography can seem a little 'scary' at times, for even the most experienced Photographer.  It is one thing to photograph landscapes or pose adults with instructed direction, however working with something as fragile and unpredictable as a newborn can get the heart racing!

Safety First

Shutter Release Photography recognise that when photographing a newborn, safety is paramount.  During the Photographic Session, Mum or Dad often prepare their precious little one for each pose and a 'spotter' is always nearby.  Introducing personal elements to the Session can make for beautiful, creative photography.  Again, safety is paramount and a 'spotter' is always nearby to securely hold the baby in place.

As a Newborn Photographer, I am usually trying to achieve one of two looks for the newborn: either peacefully sleeping or awake and happy.  If the newborn is in any discomfort, this can provide for a difficult time for all involved in the Session.  It is very important to ensure the little one is warm enough, especially as he/she is often photographed without clothes on.

Making Sure The Time Is Right

As a Newborn Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon, I have found that the 'prime' time to photograph newborns is within 14 days of his/her birth.  They are easiest to work with within this period, as they are asleep for most of the day.  They are also the most easiest to adjust during this time.  All newborns have their own schedule. I am mindful of this and am aware of the need to remain patient should the newborn become unsettled.  At Shutter Release Photography the importance of remaining flexible and adaptable when photographing newborns is recognised and the adjustments are made to the Sessions as required. 

Basic Poses For Newborn Photography

As a Newborn Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon, I have found that being creative is a large part of the Session, however so is making sure I get the basic must-have shots!  These include: back poses, side poses, tummy poses and poses which focus on the smaller details, such as the fingers and toes.

Creative Props

As a Newborn Photographer in Gippsland/Traralgon I like to keep my props creative yet fairly basic.  I often photograph newborns in baskets/on a posing pillow, whilst wrapped in a blanket and wearing a favourite beanie/headband.


Lighting is of great importance with any Photography.  Generally when photographing newborns all I require is a large window for the main light and a reflector to help fill in any shadows.  The kind of window light I look for depends on how cloudy it is outside.  If it is super cloudy I am able to use a window that has light shining directly in it.  The clouds diffuse the light and the effect is a soft, pretty glow.  If it is sunny I look for indirect light or a window that has light coming in and stay aware of and avoid any direct light.  I either position a newborn at 45 degrees angle, with their heads facing the light, or at a 90 degrees angle.  It is all dependant of the pose they are in.  I prefer the light to fall over the little one's face and to throw soft shadows.