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Copyright Information

In Australia, the copyright law is contained in the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968.  Copyright is a combination of rights with regards to certain creative works, including photographs.  These rights are granted exclusively to the copyright owner (Shutter Release Photography) to reproduce the material, and or show the work to the public.  In Australia, copyright protection is automatic.  A work is protected as soon as it is put into material form.  Shutter Release
Photography prevent clients from reproducing or communicating any photographic works, without prior permission from the Photographer, Alison Barrett.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement refers to the use of works protected by copyright without permission from the copyright owner (Shutter Release Photography.)  Any disputes regarding copyright infringement is dealt with via direct negotiation between the Photographer, Alison Barrett and the client.


Shutter Release Photography are committed to providing exceptional customer service, including the adoption of realistic timelines.  Clients will schedule an appointment with the Photographer at the Photographic Session, to view and/or order products.  This meeting is scheduled two weeks following the Photographic Session.
Clients who purchase any of the Four Digital Package Deals have full access to their images.  Once an order has been placed clients can expect to receive their products within two weeks.  The photographer will schedule a delivery date upon receipt of the clients' products.

Editing and Retouching of Images

Following the Photographic Session the Photographer will spend considerable time editing the images.  The final images are selected by the Photographer and are re-touched if necessary.  Non-permanent skin or hair blemishes are retouched, to the discretion of the Photographer.  However skin colour, colour of clothing, weight and facial expressions are left untouched.  If clients are wanting any of these adjustments to be made, an additional fee will apply.

A fee of $40 per hour is payable by the client to the photographer and is included in the invoice upon completion.

Cancellation and/or Postponement

Here at Shutter Release Photography we recognise that life is busy and things happen to prevent us from attending to our scheduled appointments.  Any cancellations and/or postponements must be made one week prior to the scheduled Photographic Session.  Any cancellations made outside this timeframe will incur a $50 cancellation fee, payable by the client to the Photographer.

Session Fee

Shutter Release Photography have a $100 non-refundable Session Fee payable by the client to the Photographer,  prior to the Photographic Session.  This fee includes a pre-consultation meeting between the photographer and client; the Photographic Session itself; and a post-consultation viewing meeting between the photographer and client.